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A good online casino begins from quality software. So, if you find a virtual club on the Internet, the software for which is supplied by 1x2 Gaming - you are a lucky person. These professional creators of cool software have been releasing unique gambling games and slots to the gambling market since 2003.

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About 1x2 Gaming

Experienced gamers choose modern slots from the British company 1x2 Gaming, because they know that thus they can play the most extraordinary games with an unexpected and impressive plot.

These software developers use the most competent approach to creating a PC product. They skillfully use the past achievements of gambling, take interesting themes and motifs from the classics of gambling. Then they upgrade the slots of previous years in a modern way. As a result, 1x2 Gaming software attracts the attention of a huge number of gamers in many parts of the world.

Several new unique computer projects for online casinos are produced under this brand every year. Thus, the game world has seen more than 50 entertainment projects by 1x2 Gaming over the past 10 years. Along with the development of software for gambling sites on the Internet, the brand's specialists actively study the betting market and create complete programs for such websites.

The prospects for the brand development largely depend on customer demand for 1x2 Gaming software. Currently, we can note that customers of virtual platforms mostly prefer the machines of the British manufacturer.


The main activity of 1x2 Gaming is the development and implementation of software for online casinos. From the very first years, along with the launch of platforms aimed at football fans, this provider was actively engaged in the production of original game machines for gambling.

As soon as the first slots of the company occupied various online casinos, it became clear that 1x2 Gaming software is bound to be successful. Numerous positive feedback from customers of virtual clubs confirmed and continue to confirm the reliability and high quality of the software from the British brand.

Professional gamers surely remember the famous slot about zombie attacks, which was wildly popular at the dawn of the 2000s. 1x2 Gaming took this into account and launched a line of slots - Caliber Comics, where the plot is based on themes about zombies and the Apocalypse.

Any slot of this brand is distinguished by the convenience of the interface and ease of use. You do not need to be a world-class programmer to start playing machines of this company. You can start playing directly online through any browser. You do not need to spend the time of your gambling leisure on loading slots. Thanks to the HTML 5 platform, gamers can run a virtual platform with 1x2 Gaming software on any operating system.

The range of game machines is incredibly diverse and unique. You won't find two similar slots here. Each machine certainly has a cool feature that distinguishes one device from another. Whichever slot you choose: classic or modern machine - you will find first-class graphics, unusual sound and unpredictable game plot everywhere. It is not necessary to pay money to play slots from the British brand, there is also a Demo mode.


The PC software developer 1x2 Gaming has been working on the gambling market for a long time, and many casino customers choose slots from this developer for a number of objective reasons. Also, make notice on the safety that characterizes any device of the British company. Thanks to a special SSL encryption system, all personal information of casino players is securely protected.