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Основан: 1998
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For the first time, gamers got acquainted with the unique software machines of Belatra at the end of the last century. Customers of online platforms immediately appreciated the high level of graphics and reliability of slots of this brand. Therefore, the Belatra software became popular a long time ago. This continues to this very day. You can find slots of this provider on many online gambling websites
The birthplace of the platform is Belarus. In part, the name of the software is associated with the name of the state in which it is registered. The peculiarity of this gambling content is its Russian-language format. Therefore, this software is very popular, both in Russia and the entire post-Soviet space.

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If we talk about the variety and quantity of gaming content, then, currently, the software provider Belatra can not compete with the leaders of content producers for online casinos. The range of released slots of this brand is not so large, but, nevertheless, gamers love this software, first of all, for the quality of products.
In 2019, many gaming platforms in Russia are happy to purchase Belatra machines for their customers, because their interface is presented in Russian, which is really very convenient. Also, all the machines of this provider are actually spectacular and interesting, as casino customers wrote in their reviews many times. Thus, bonus incentives and various programs to increase the chances for players are very attractive for most gamers who choose Belarusian slots provider.
Another undeniable advantage of Belatra gambling content is a demo mode. Users have the opportunity to properly master the skills of gambling at first, and only then proceed to the battle for real cash.
Bonus symbols increase the chances of casino customers to win.
Among the most popular incentive signs that give you a chance to succeed are:

  • Risk-doubling game
  • Bonus game at the additional screen
  • Free spins

All these additional perks from the provider are available to any client as soon as he registers on the casino website. Using any of the variants of symbols, in case of successful combinations on the screen, your payouts can double. The possibility of free spins today is very popular in the gaming world, many customers come to the virtual platform only to get them.


According to customer reviews, the most popular games of this online casino software are:

  • Lucky Drink in Egypt
  • Al Catraz
  • Piggy Bank
  • Fairy Land 2
  • Lucky Drink
  • Spy Tricks

You will find not only stunning graphics and full HD-sound in the best slots, but also a well-developed loyalty program from the brand for customers. There is a large number of bonuses, many of which are available even without a deposit.


The manufacturer of computer slots for playgrounds of our time Belatra, does not stop at the successes achieved. The company's specialists are constantly introducing new technologies in the creation of their exclusive machines, and therefore, the slots of this brand attract an increasing number of gamers in many countries of the world.