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Основан: 2017
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Iron Dog Studio is a modern fast-paced gaming software developer, which is known for its experimental IT products and unique gambling assortment of free and paid games. Many popular casinos with a large number of regular customers order the software of this provider for their sites.
Iron Dog Studio was founded not so long ago, in 2017, but has already managed to announce itself quite confidently and on a large scale.
The owner and founder of the brand is an experienced computer provider - 1x2 Network. This world-famous game supplier has invested all their most daring and extravagant game inventions, which are close to the younger generation of gamers, in a subsidiary brand.

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In order for casino customers to like computer software, it is necessary to understand that its quality and appearance must meet the needs of owners of gambling clubs. Since it is they who make the decision on the inclusion of products of the provider to their sites.
Iron Dog Studio is part of the famous brand, and therefore, its success was obvious. After all, what is the point for a popular developer of high-quality gambling software to create a loss-making and uninteresting project? Games and slots of the new brand quickly gained popularity among customers of virtual clubs, thanks to an interesting and creative approach to the development of each game direction.
Currently, users can freely choose the brand's gaming products on the most well-known virtual platforms. In 2019, the subsidiary of 1x2 Network has already released several successful and profitable game projects, including seven unique progressive slots and several board games of the updated 3D format.
All products of the company are released on the HTML5 platform and are suitable for any modern operating system. Also, players can download slots of the brand to their mobile devices thanks to the newly created apps of this format.
To date, IRON DOG Studio is working on the introduction of the latest gaming technologies in the world of gambling entertainment. In the near future, users will see several new slots of the company, which will have just incredible design and cool content.


According to the estimates of experienced gambling users, the most rated games of Iron Dog Studio in 2019 were:

  • 3D European Roulette
  • Treasure of Horus
  • Near Jungle
  • Blood Queen

Just look at the design and extraordinary content of this gambling software! Such topics can be found only in the products of the most advanced and creative computer developers of the online casino industry. It is not a surprise that this provider enjoys unprecedented popularity among the younger generation of gamers of the modern entertainment world.


The modern provider of futuristic gambling content, on the sites of which you can find the most advanced games, Iron Dog Studio, is just beginning its movement in the space of virtual games, but it is already demonstrating successful projects. Of course, this software still has perspectives for growth and directions, in which it should develop to compete with the true gurus of computer games. But hundreds of reviews of grateful users confirm the fact that Iron Dog Studio is moving in the right and promising direction.