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It is not necessary to have many years of experience in the gambling industry to make competitors recognize you and to make gamblers look for platforms with your original software. The company from Tel Aviv provocatively named Skillzzgaming released its first series of games in 2014, and as soon as in 2015, it was discussed in many countries beyond Israel.
The developer of unique software has several of its main secrets, due to which the Skillzzgaming brand not only manages to be rated high among competitors but also continues developing towards the creation of new products for the gambling industry.

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As soon as the contract for the supply of the first batch of games was signed by Skillzzgaming, it started to receive offers of cooperation from very famous casino platforms. High-quality and original gambling content is the main key to the success of this Israeli brand. A team of fine masters produces only the best gaming products that have no analogs on the gambling market. Skillzzgaming does not seek to make many games and slots, it is aimed at the quality of each new machine released under its own brand.
A feature of the gambling range of this Israeli provider is the intellectual nature of gambling content. In order to win in a particular slot,
gamblers are required not just to spin the usual reels and count on luck. Skillzzgaming brand slots make users use analytical skills as well,
which turn the gameplay into a very emotional and dynamic process.
The fact lies in that the slot machines of this provider require a strategic approach from the participant of the battle. Here, randomness does not make the difference, as is usually the case in classic slots. In the slot machines of the brand, customers of casino websites choose strategies, act very prudently, and trace each new level of the game process in an analytical way. These are the points of interest and attractiveness of Skillzzgaming slots.


The company for the production of exciting software for online gambling has its own features and differences. On today's Internet, users may find Skillzzgaming slots on many websites. The range of games is constantly expanding with new interesting products. Thus, in 2019, the most popular supplier's games are the following options:

  • Pets Go Wild
  • Money Rush Deluxe
  • Gems Odyssey
  • Mega Money Rush
  • Fruit Blast
  • Battle Royale

If the graphics of the above games do not differ much from many other similar slots that can be found on modern Internet platforms, then the very storyline and a wide variety of different difficulty levels make these slots especially memorable.
All games of the provider have been tested in terms of security, as well as obtained the appropriate licenses.


In 2019, it is becoming increasingly difficult for gambling content providers to stand out among their competitors, as there are more and more offers of exciting and high-quality content for online casinos every day. Skillzzgaming has found its niche in the gambling industry and it is moving forward with success, bringing joy to users with good new casino machines.