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Name: Leap
Website: https://leap-gaming.com
Established: 2006

Leap Casinos

For lovers of cutting-edge gambling content, the Leap provider creates gaming programs that are practically unmatched on the Internet today. A team of outstanding programmers began their creative career with the production of quality products for sports and online betting software. Today, the provider skillfully combines several promising areas in its work, among which online casino games also occupy a worthy place.

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Description of software and benefits

Leap was founded in 2014. Since then, the provider has released a large number of software applications for sports, and only in 2017 a team of professionals started a large-scale release of innovative game projects.
The company has released many board games and slots, mostly in 3D format. The company's gaming content can be adapted to the specific requirements of the operator of any online casino. Thus, games from Leap in 2019 can be found on many Internet sites. The mobile version of the game software is also available for download.
A feature of the software is its flexibility and versatility. His products are in high demand in the entertainment market these days. The brand's employees are constantly studying user demand for specific gambling offers in order to offer only the best versions of online games in the future.
If you look at any software product, you will surely find a large number of installed features that greatly increase the chances of players for an optimal result.
The company has chosen a priority for itself - the creation of 3D products and this was done in a timely manner, since this is the only way to keep up with the constantly developing IT technologies of the modern casino industry.

Assortment of games

The Leap company is growing and developing very quickly, and with it its range of game content is growing. So, in 2019, the most popular gaming products of the brand, according to users of gambling clubs, are:

  • Black Jack
  • Roulette (several versions)
  • Baccarat

The provider's range of games is not as wide as that of some other software providers, but the quality of the Leap brand's content is decent, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews from real gamers.
The advantages of the brand's products also lie in the fact that all the principles of the company's work are transparent and honest. There are no hidden schemes and technologies here. And even the RTP rate, which many providers set too high, Leap decrypts in a very accessible and understandable way.
The brand has an official license, which allows it to operate in the field of computer software production.


Leap is a software company that creates high-quality and reliable gaming content in the field of ultra-realistic 3D games. Due to its high adaptive capabilities, the provider's game programs can be used on various platforms. Brand employees pay special attention to every detail when creating the next game program, so the quality of the product only becomes higher with each new release.

Author: Ivanov Harlam Ivanov Harlam / Last update: 28.05.2023

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