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Name: Realistic Games
Established: 2002

Realistic Games Casinos

The manufacturer of dynamic and fun computer games, Realistic Games , first announced itself back in 2002. Then the team of talented people consisted of experienced programmers, professional designers and people simply inspired by a gambling idea. Professionals in their field, they quickly assessed their promising opportunities in the field of gambling and began to create unique gaming applications.

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Description of software and benefits

The competent specialists of the Realistic Games brand had a good creative experience behind them, and therefore the creation of the first slots of the company was quick and quite successful. The best online casinos quickly appreciated the functional features of the software and decided to cooperate with the company. Between 2005 and 2009, provider Realistic Games signed contracts for the supply of gambling content with dozens of leading virtual platforms. It was a real success!

The game product that the provider supplies to the gaming market has various formats and options. You can play the slots of the brand using the device and program of your choice. In 2019, most of Realistic Games' gaming applications are available and are actively used by users on personal computers, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets. Thus, the functionality of the brand's gambling apps makes it easy and simple to use the slots.

Operators of virtual platforms choose Realistic Games software for their content for its mobility and optimal adaptability.

Assortment of games

As soon as you start playing slots provided by Realistic Games for the first time, be sure to pay attention to the fact that all the content of the software has a fairly simple and easy-to-understand plot. But this does not in any way affect the level of adrenaline that players experience when starting their fight in the brand's slots.

Any game in the Realistic Games software can be easily downloaded to a mobile phone, which is very much appreciated by many modern gamers. The range of the company's gaming content is quite diverse and includes several types of slots, video slots, table and card games, and much more. Looking forward, the talented developers plan to create a series of dynamic, innovative games that will allow players to experience a completely new experience of gambling.

The most popular games in 2019 according to the players are:

  • Symmetry
  • Time is money
  • Big wheel
  • Cashing rainbows
  • Money matrix
  • HiLo Black Jack


Realistic Games products are very attractive to gamers not only due to their original graphics and simplicity of the plot. People choose the brand's slots for their reliability and safety.

Before the launch of a new series of machines, the provider's specialists must carry out multilevel testing of each of them. Gaming applications are tested in accordance with GLI and SQS jurisdictions. Realistic Games is officially licensed and supervised by the UK State's Special Gambling Commission.

Author: Ivanov Harlam Ivanov Harlam | Last update: 28.12.2021

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